Head Turnaround

A study of head turnaround incorporating different facial expressions and emotions for each turn of a character named Hope. I

Clown & Face Painter
Two characters designed from start to finish for an upcoming educational series about a clown and face painter staged at a parade.
Quarantine Boredom (Drawing Process)

Timmy is an eight year old boy who loves the outdoors and playing soccer with his friends in his free time. Unfortunately he is having a hard time learning to play by himself due to a disastrous pandemic going around forcing him to stay at home with no one to play with.


Pup studies and "ruffs" of this Australian Shepherd.

Accidental Haircut

Exploring various characters and facial expressions centered around a single focal point. All expressing a different reaction towards the main character.

Argentina Music Video

Collaboration with YouTuber Dustin Luke for his new song titled: Argentina. In charge of the design and animation for this entire project.

Jumping for Joy

Stacy is an energetic, joyful, confident, and compassionate girl who’s always ready for her next adventure. This lovely dreamer has a hard time staying still in the same place and that’s why it’s hard at times to get ahold of her because she’s always on the move, helping where there is a need, and making sure she’s putting a smile on other people’s faces.


Exploring different characters and emotions.

Bee Yourself

Playing with different shapes and proportions​​​​​​​.


This business dog loves entrepreneurs and finance but if you ever get to work under him don't you dare arrive late to a meeting if you don't want to be looked at this way.


He might seem rough and cynical on the outside but also has a much softer side, which becomes apparent only when you get to know him. Ezra prefers to go it alone but if you are lucky to make it into his circle he is incredible loyal.​​​​​​​

Green Sea Turtle

Animal study of Green Sea Turtles exploring different shapes and proportions. This study was intended to analyze these creature in their essence and use character design to portray different personalities.

Rough Sketches

A quick study exploring different emotions, facial expressions, and distinctive personalities.

Variation on a Theme of Bunnies

Test characters developed for a children's book featuring different animal species combined with bunnies. In this case a panda/bunny and two snakes/bunnies.

Cooper the Pup

Cooper is the most friendly, lovable, brave, and loyal  puppy an owner can ever ask for. He loves the outdoors and has lots of fun learning about the world and his surroundings.

Turnaround Study

A turnaround study showing three different angles, including front, side and back. Analyzing how the character looks from different camera angles and perspectives in order to have a better idea of how she appears in various positions.

Serene Girl In Nature

Melany is a compassionate, nurturing nature-lover who spends her time exploring the outdoors and connecting with even the smallest of animals like this bunny who is drawn to her benevolent personality.

Heartbreaking News

Poor Cheryl she got the most devastating news when she received a phone call from her mom saying that her grandpa had passed away. What made it even worse was having to hear this sad news while so far away from home and not able to be present with her loved ones during a hardship like this.

The Neighborhood Watch

Mindy is a sassy, determined, and feisty young girl who lives in an alley that serves as a passageway that runs between a neighborhood of houses in the older parts of Italy. Beware! You must always get Mindy’s permission first before entering into her neighborhood or else you’ll get a look that says “nobody messes with my neighborhood.”

Beach Essentials I

Jane, a stylish teenager, loves tanning and going to the beach with her “beach essentials” as she calls them: pony tails, shades, tank top, swimsuit, and purse. No one is more ready than her when it comes to summer break! She is always on top of the latest trends and reading fashion magazines in her free time.


Autumn is a girl who loves Fall weather, stepping on dry leaves, and pumpkin lattes.

Coco the Crocodile

Coco is an adventurous toddler crocodile full of mischief and curiosity for life. But please do not dare separate him from his two favorite things in the whole wide world: his pacifier and his best friend Teddy.

Tipsy Donkey

While doing a study on the novel of Don Quixote, I created Sancho Panza’s donkey named Dapple. He always finds it funny how Sancho Panza’s water—or at least what he believes it to be—makes him feel a little dizzy.

Shy Guy

Johnny is as smart as he is timid and shy, and loves science and math. In class they call him a “nerd” but it doesn’t really bother him because he knows he’ll own that title by being the smartest of his class, and they are simply jealous of his intelligence.

Malet the Cat

This sophisticated looking cat was born in the Bordeaux region of France. But don’t let him fool you, despite his serious demeanor he is a sweetheart beneath his cold fur coat.

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