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My name is Belen Rose and I am a Los Angeles-based animation artist and enthusiast originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have worked on various projects in character design, story art, and animation.
Animation has always been a passion of mine. I've drawn for my entire life growing up even before I could write my name and watched hundreds, if not thousands, of animated movies which inspired and molded me into who I am today as an artist. I would often get in trouble at school for drawing in class—but don't worry, I got good grades I promise! When I became a teenager I started looking at animation as a possible career and not only as a mere hobby.
I have pursued training in all manner of visual arts with a heavy emphasis in character design, storyboarding, and conceptual development. I had the privilege of being instructed directly by some of the foremost names in animation (Tony Bancroft, Glenn Vilppu, Karl Gnass). I graduated with a BA degree in Communications with emphasis in electronic media at The Master's University, California. And did some post-graduate studies in animation at Azusa Pacific University.
I am detail-oriented and I love working as part of a team! Skilled with taking animation projects from conception to completion, able to follow direction while also problem-solving and applying creativity. Character design is my expertise, but I am also experienced in storyboarding and all forms of visual development. I recently illustrated several books and worked on a music video where I collaborated with famous YouTuber, Dustin Luke, for his new song titled: Argentina. I was in charge of the design and animation for this entire project.
Some artists I look up to in the animation world are: Glen Keane, Tony & Tom Bancroft, Aaron Blaise, John Musker, James Baxter, and Butch Hartman, among others.
Check out more of my work on Instagram: @belenroseart
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me about commissions or inquiries.
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